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32: Welcome to the dark side

Marc is coding up a storm for the MemberRow MVP while support requests begin to ramp up for PowerImporter. Matt is diving into his latest project: helping Webflow users break the 10,000 row limit. The guys discuss Matt’s new project and how to take it to market.

31: Off with a bang

Marc is seeing a big response to the launch of MemberRow and is interviewing beta customers. Matt has finished his big deliverable for his freelancing client and is returning to normal life. The guys discuss MemberRow and what the best course of action is for next steps.

30: Introducing MemberRow

Marc has announced his newest addition to the WAP ecosystem: MemberRow (https://memberrow.com) and Matt is busy stressing out about delivering value for his freelancing client. The guys discuss MemberRow and its role in the WAP stack and plans for taking it to market.

29: Honestly, CORS can go f*ck itself

Marc is getting set for the launch of his side project and the new version of rails is making local development really painful. Matt Is having trouble setting boundaries and is fighting with feelings of guilt. The guys discuss scoping for Marc's launch and how to start putting out the word.

28: Planning session

Marc is overcoming both the technical and mental hurdles for his next move for PowerImporter and Matt is getting his ducks in a row for his next project. The guys go over a plan for goals for the next month of Matt's project.

27: The power of a goal

Matt has had a spiritual awakening around goal setting, and is learning to work backwards from them. Marc is coming out of summer mode and building proof of concepts for new entrants into the PowerImporter ecosystem. The guys discuss staying authentic on social media and trying out surfing in the local river.

26: The return to normal life

Marc is returning to normal life and it's giving him a surge of productivity. Matt is getting interesting opportunities and is trying to understand how to evaluate if they are right for him. The guys discuss how to set goals and to use them as a framework to evaluate decisions.

25: Taking swings

Marc has support under control and is getting time for deep work as his vacation looms and he considers businesses that fire their customers. Matt is considering working for a more senior entrepreneur as a way of learning and mining for new ideas- or is he avoiding the pain of uncertainty?

24: Music to my ears

Marc is busy with support and his deep work on his side projects. Matt is in the middle of moving, and preoccupied with finishing his R&D consulting. The guys discuss opportunistic entrepreneurship and how that relates to their unfair advantages.

23: Getting unstuck

Matt is dealing with deadlines for his SRED consulting and it’s eating up his time. Marc is feeling stuck- it’s difficult to get motivated to take on new commitments when the nice weather and freedom of his family is drawing him away from his computer. The guys talk about business-finance literacy and the ways that starting a business is hard.

22: Sunny days and dark patterns

It’s summertime and the guys are feeling the pull away from their desks into the beautiful outdoors. Marc has been contemplating white labelling and how it fits his strengths and Matt is seeing a pattern in how his time is being split between indie hacking and freelancing.

21: Summer vibes and partnerships

Marc is planning a Notion importer and having fun brainstorming marketing ideas. Matt is interviewing more developers but is feeling like he isn’t making progress. The guys discuss partnerships and Marc gives some tough love around the discoveries Matt has had around developers and remote whiteboarding.

20: Reclaiming my time

Marc is finally winning the war on support and has time to ship improvements to PowerImporter. Matt has been interviewing lots of developers and shares some of the things he’s learned. The guys discuss interview tactics and the consequences of finding customers who aren’t a perfect fit.

19: Hell yes or no

Matt has been doing lots of customer interviews and learning a lot about developers doing remote work. Marc has had enough of the support grind and is figuring out what opportunities to say no to. The guys bond over a mutual distaste for the typical FAANG interview process.

18: A look under the hood

Marc had another support heavy week and is looking for ways to ease his support burden so he can maximize time building. Matt is interviewing every developer in his network and hungry for more. The guys discuss doing customer discovery, the demands of social media and staying authentic while being a good community member.

17: Fear, doubt and leaving room to celebrate the wins

Marc is dealing with affiliate programs for his soon to be announced side project. Matt is experiencing a flurry of activity around consulting and trying to finally finish it off. The guys discuss The Mom Test and have a coaching session around Matt’s growing fear of talking with people to do customer discovery and Marc's desire to create space to celebrate his wins.

16: No shame in that

Marc is gearing up for a side project to help market PowerImporter and is trying to sort out referrals. Matt is bad at taking vacation and trying to figure out how to rest while being in a holding pattern. The guys discuss ramifications of GDPR and what remote work will look like post-pandemic.

15: Finding what's next

Marc is investigating side projects as additional offerings for Webflow users and thinking about a new marketing project. Matt is shutting down fbars.app and is taking a vacation, contemplating what is next for him. The guys discuss affiliate programs and how to tackle reading books.

14: Do what you love

Marc is taking a break from marketing to do product development and loving it. Matt is thinking what to do in the next few months after his consulting finishes up and he decides what to focus on next. The guys discuss playbooks and how to not repeat past mistakes.

13: Dodging burnout

Matt and Marc are both feeling burnt out and are trying to figure out how to plan for and get some rest when global pandemics rob them of their usual healthy habits. With summer coming, there's a big opportunity to recover from this long year.

12: Focus on your strengths

Matt finished his initial Facebook ads run and has lots of thoughts about how it went and what he learned. Marc is continuing with copywriting but is having a hard time finding people to hire to help him. The guys try to figure out what a meaningful vacation looks like as the weather improves for summer.

11: Tales from Microconf

Marc and Matt attended Microconf remote last week and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This episode is a recap of their experience, and ideas for how to apply some of the takeaways.

10: Attack of the time wasters

Marc is looking for ways to take some things off of his plate. Marketing takes a lot of time but a contract marketer is too expensive right now, so Marc is settling for people to offload parts of the marketing processes to. Matt is creating his first landing pages to run PPC campaigns against and trying to not get stuck in the muck. The guys are attending MicroConf Remote and hoping to make some new connections in the hallway track.

9: Don't make me come over there

Marc’s been looking to hire a marketer to help him, but they’re a bit out of reach for now, so he’s investing his marketing budget into PPC. Matt is trying to make progress in his marketing, but is struggling to overcome consulting work busyness and fear.

8: Understanding the marketing flow

Marc has had a major breakthrough in his approach to marketing and is finally feeling like he understands the marketing game. He’s having lots of marketing wins by embracing that marketing work flow is fundamentally different from writing code. Matt is researching PPC advertising and continuing his cold outreach campaigns.

7: Wait- marketing actually works?

Matt shares his good vibes derived from his first full-on week of marketing and is making plans for how to go forward. Marc wrapped up his 1-month experiment of marketing every second week and shares his insights and plan of attack for next month.

6: Traction control

This week is marketing week for Marc. The demo video he created last week for CSV upload is working amazingly and going forward, he’s looking for the right balance between dev and marketing. Matt didn’t do the marketing he said he would because of guilty feelings stemming from not working for his consulting clients.

5: How the sausage is made

Marc recounts his last weeks marketing activities and talks about how hard it is to create high quality video content. This coming week is a development week for him and he’s looking forward to it. Matt got swept up in his consulting work and has feelings about it. The guys discuss their goals for the podcast and give a peek into how the podcast sausage is made.

4: Marketing to avoid bankruptcy

Marc is seeking the right cadence between development and marketing, especially when marketing is something he doesn’t enjoy. Matt is on the brink of bankruptcy after being overdrawn in Stripe and is kicking off marketing efforts to get back in the black.

3: Cash in, cash out

Matt has been struggling with the consulting business he’s been running and talks about what he’s learned and how he feels about it after 6 months of operation. Marc is fighting the battle of fun vs valuable development work as he improves the UX of his onboarding flow. The guys discuss making money while building products and how to juggle living off of savings while indiehacking.

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