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66: Drink the dip

Matt is back from NFT NYC and full of stories about it. Marc professes his love for chrome extensions and hacking with most websites he visits. The guys discuss an idea for a project planning tool idea Matt has.

65: Just two snowballs rolling down a hill

Matt and Marc are getting momentum back! Matt got some actionable advise for workstation setup that have already yielded results and Marc is taking on small bugs to get his groove back.

64: What am I doing wrong?

Matt and Marc have a coaching session: Matt is feeling a lot of frustration around getting something off the ground. Where is his time going? What mistakes is he making? Why is he not making the progress he wants?

63: Compelling offers

Matt is doing more research around assisting people. Marc is reconsidering building in public. The guys discuss the potential recession and meaningful tests Matt can run for a potential offering.

62: Intelligent or crazy

Marc is knee deep in PowerImporter support and boxes of his stuff during his move. Matt has a milestone of sending smart contracts to production and has been writing blog posts to support his NFT client. The guys discuss an idea from Matt: professional service partnerships with up and coming platforms.

61: Probing further

Marc is living the dream in the Montreal springtime, working on the newest importer and moving house. Matt is doing more customer interviews about hiring assistants. The guys discuss ways Matt can continue to vet his idea and test the market.

60: Unfair advantages

Matt has some very early insights from customer interviews and Marc is in the throws of packing and moving apartments. The guys discuss opportunities for how to use their unfair advantages to invest their money and diversify.

59: Horizontal scale, horizontal markets

Matt is quite taken with exploring productized services through being an assistant. Marc has been sick and unproductive. The guys talk through Matt's idea and ways to begin evaluating it.

58: The white glove treatment

Matt is back from vacation and Marc is paving the way for hiring some dev help. The guys discuss a business idea: white-glove onboarding for virtual assistants.

57: Solo Indie Hacking with Guest Volkan Kaya

Volkan joins Marc this week to commiserate about running a bootstrapped SaaS as a solo founder. They talk about marketing, customer support, and what they would do if they were starting over from scratch.

56: Building in Public on Twitter with Guest Xavier Coiffard

Xavier joins Marc this week to chat about building in public on Twitter, testing new product ideas and MVPs, and what he would do differently if he started over.

55: Say no to todos

Marc is working on the google docs importer and dealing with an explosion in new customer support queries. Matt is working with Web3 auditors and learning more about the guts of Solidity. The guys discuss online communities as a business and how unattractive they seem.

54: So many firsts!

Marc has successfully executed his price increase and has sent his first email blast to his customers. Matt is funding significant mental relief billing by the day. The guys discuss appropriate pricing and approaches to building new features.

53: Stay skeptical

Marc's first AudienceOps article hitting his blog shortly and is loving having the help marketing. Matt has been digging into upgradeable smart contracts and troubleshooting some serverless infrastructure issues. The guys discuss how "easy" it is to get MicroAcquired given the numbers.

52: Checkout woes

This week Marc has been fighting with Stripe hosted checkout in his efforts to increase prices. Matt's contracting in web3 and thoroughly impressed by the ecosystem. The guys discuss the best ways to communicate price increases.

51: Beauty in simplicity

Marc is revisiting his pricing and is forming big plans. Matt is way overbooked with his consulting and figuring out how to move forward with his project. The guys discuss charging on value, while keeping pricing simple for customers.

50: Making friends on the internet

Marc has used his new found Twitter enthusiasm to amazing effect. Matt has knocked out initial developer podcast research and has guests booked. The guys discuss interviewing developers and what makes for stimulating audio.

49: How To Use Twitter Like An Actual Human Being (And Not Like A Grifter) With Guest Aaron Francis

Guest Aaron Francis of Hammerstone.dev joins Matt and Marc to defend Twitter after the guys criticized the platform as a hellhole of grifters in the previous episode. Aaron talks about why he loves Twitter, how to make your individual experience on the site more positive, and how to overcome the fear of sharing your work.

48: Stop! Maker time

Marc's marketing adventures continue with incredible results. Matt is getting strict with his schedule. The guys discuss Matt's idea discovery experiments.

47: Idea Brainstorming

Marc has been outsourcing with moderate success. Matt is weighing out ideas for 12 startups in 12 months to find something small he can begin with. The guys think through some ideas off of Matt's idea list and talk them through as potential ideas.

46: Use code Marc at checkout

Marc is taking his first steps towards outsourcing marketing and Matt is strongly considering 12 startups in 12 months. The guys discuss customer acquisition on fiverr and ideas small enough for one a month.

45: Back in the saddle

The guys are back from vacation and recharged to tackle 2022. They go over highlights from 2021 and plans and resolutions for 2022.

44: Signing off 2021

Marc has successfully shipped the bi-directional sync and Matt is gushing over Python. The guys are heading into the end of year vacation.

43: Scope creep

Marc has finished the bi-directional relationship sync and now that it's in production he's squashing bugs. Matt is thinking about how to price his consulting work and talking about his investigations into crypto.

42: Information wants to be free

Marc is finishing up the bi-directional relationship, but testing is slow. Matt is beginning his crypto-education journey and onboarding a new client. The guys discuss the open web and how the rest of the year will shake out.

41: In a post-nocode conf world

Nocode conf is over and webflow has announced a lot of changes that have shaken up Matt’s ideas for GDPR webflow hosting. Marc is finishing up the bi-directional importer and is planning a rollout. The guys discuss shape-up planning and how to prioritize as solo founders.

40: Bi-directional magic

Marc has been planning and coding a rewrite of the PowerImporter sync to support bi-directional relationships and is having a blast. Matt is stuck in a rut and working out how to manage his time. See you at NoCodeConf!

39: Frozen with fear

Marc is setting MemberRow aside for now while he regroups on PowerImporter and handles support and adds new features. Matt is feeling stuck, he’s feeling a lot of fear and that’s getting in the way of moving forward. The guys talk through pricing and feelings.

38: Remember marketing?

Marc is realizing that his development efforts have taken too much of his time and he needs to spend more time marketing. Matt has been taking a small break to avoid burnout. The guys discuss affiliate marketing and how awesome vim is.

37: Receiving signals

Marc was taking it easy last week and recovering, but is back on the shipping train this week. Matt has learned a lot from his Webflow research and is thinking about the right approach to validating his idea. The guys discuss accounting and legal strategies.

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